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Void-Deck Technology Labs

We pair participants' inquisitiveness with exposure to new technology and methods to think creatively about innovation. Through group work and hands-on learning, they gain confidence to explore the fields of technology and science independently.

There are 2 cores to the program - the Science Core and the Technology Core.

Each core consists of 6 modules and will last over a period of 8 weeks. Each module is standalone and no prior knowledge will be required for any (i.e. no module sequencing is required).

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Step Up: Be a Young IT Whiz

(part of Singapore Science Centre's Young Scientist Badge Scheme)

This 3 x half-day workshop program guide youths through the world of IT, computer programs and activities which will earn them the Young Scientist Badge for "I am a Young IT Whiz".

Participants will learn to navigate and research using the internet and be exposed to skills such as word processing and presentation slides preparations. Participants get to decide how they want to showcase their work.

Step Up: Be an Innovator

Design Thinking Simplified!

This half-day workshop introduces youths to simple design thinking skills to solve real world problems.​ 

They will get to experience:

  1. Divergent and convergent thinking through a design thinking workshop

  2. Collaboratig and facilitating a design thinking activity within their groups

Step Up: Be a Technologist

Get In New Tech!

This half-day workshop introduces youths to:

  1. Emerging technology such as mixed reality and 3D printing and their various applications

  2. How emerging technology can be applied to solve real-life problems

Youths get hands-on experience to use the new technology and also undergo the process in solving a business challenge.

Step Up Series: Programs
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Step Up: Be a Web Designer

Introduction to Web Design 

This half-day workshop introduces and provides hands-on experience for youths to learn about:

  1. Simple Web design tools

  2. Basic webpage design using (hands on learning)

  3. Free resources for designs and images

Step Up: Be a Game Designer

Get Your Game On!

This half-day workshop introduces and provides hands-on experience for youths to learn about:

  1. MS Excel formulas

  2. Coding in MS Excel using VBA

  3. Building a simple game in MS Excel

An alternative curriculum leverages on simple coding programs made available through 

Step Up: Be a Storyteller

Express Yourself!

This half-day workshop introduces youths to:

  1. Storytelling and presentation skills

  2. Structuring a MS PowerPoint presentation

  3. Designing blockbuster MS PowerPoint slides using simple tools

Participants will have an opportunity to make their presentations and tell their stories in front of their friends!

Step Up Series: Programs
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