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Void-Deck Technology Labs

We pair participants' inquisitiveness with exposure to new technology and methods to think creatively about innovation. Through group work and hands-on learning, they gain confidence to explore the fields of technology and science independently.

There are 2 cores to the program - the Science Core and the Technology Core.

Each core consists of 6 modules and will last over a period of 8 weeks. Each module is standalone and no prior knowledge will be required for any (i.e. no module sequencing is required).

Science Core: Nature Champion Series

Animals Around Us

Focus on different types of animals and what makes them special


Focus on different habitats on the planet and their characteristics

Our Planet


Climate & Us

Focus on the threat of climate change and how to protect the planet


Strengths-based learning to build confidence tailored at an individual level, with a focus on teamwork and presentation skills

Building 'Me'

Incorporated in all Science Core modules

Technology Core: Technology Champion Series

Build a Bot

Focus on chatbot and language processing concepts


Focus on basic machine learning concepts

Machine Learning


Data Website

Focus on data, databases, and data visualisation


Building 'My Community'

Project based activities focused on improving conversational skills to communicate an idea to a varied audience

Incorporated in all Technology Core modules

Certificates will be given to all participants at the end of each core program.

Career presentations and showcase opportunities will also be organised to showcase participants' pathways and work.

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