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Meet our volunteer - Lim Jian Hao

Many of our youth volunteers take effort to avail themselves of the spare time off their class lessons to help us facilitate VDTL sessions for the kids. We thank them for that.

Let's meet one of them - Lim Jianhao, a Year 3 undergraduate at Singapore Management University (SMU) who volunteered at VDTL @ Bedok.

Qn 1: How did you begin volunteering with

"I chanced upon the's listing on one of SMU Students' telegram chat last year and was very keen in the programme, seeing how it involves coding and helping underpriviledged students. I applied for it and got in as a Facilitator."

Qn 2: What are three words that would best describe your volunteering experience with Byte so far?

"Fulfilling, Flexible, Fun!!!!"

Qn 3: What areas do you think we did well?

"Assigning student leaders within each classroom. The sharing of responsibility not only helps to alleviates the stresses of the OIC, but also makes the overall teaching experience more productive, efficient and fulfilling for the students and volunteers.

Allowing students to exercise creavitity on Scratch was also something I find very important and was glad that allocates time for it."

Qn 4: Is there anything you would like to say to our new volunteers or anyone out there who is looking to make a difference through volunteering?

"You do not need to have experience in programming to help out. The activities and curriculum are simple and beginner-friendly, so as you can help and learn along the way!

Try to avoid thinking about the costs and rewards when you're volunteering, instead focus on providing as much value to everyone. This way, you'll feel more fulfilled at the end of the journey and make some new friends along the way."

If you have any enquiries about getting involved with us, please feel free to drop us a note at We are happy to answer your questions.

To check out the latest happenings at, come connect with us on our social media channels - Facebook and Instagram at!


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